mod_maintainer (mod_maintainer) wrote in 4theloveofkink,

Welcome to Kink Meme Database
Anon comments enabled for link submissions

Feel free to link us wherever you like by copying the following:

This community is where users update the kink meme database. If you have a kink meme or know of a kink meme via LJ, DW, Ao3,, etc, list it in the appropriate section alphabetically (by pairing, movie title, series title, etc). Any kink meme from any fandom be it movies to anime, manga, books, video games and even RPF are allowed. Be sure to include meme LJ comm if it has one, subject matter, and link.  Report broken links. Please spread the word and link us.

Special thanks to evergrnterrace  for many of the memes listed in their LJ post and comments. Many of those memes have been moved and organized here since that list is no longer active.

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