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LJ Kink Meme Listings and Database (Active)

LJ Kink meme listings and database powered by user submissions

For the love of Kink: Kink Meme Listings & Databse
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Kink Meme Listings and Database
This community is now located on Livejournal.com and Dreamwidth.org under the same name. If you are not a member of LJ, you can make an account here. If you are not a member of DW, you can get an invite code here to make an account.
This is where the users update the kink meme database. If you have a kink meme or know of a kink meme, list it in the appropriate section alphabetically (by pairing, movie title, series title, etc). Be sure to include meme LJ comm if it has one, subject matter, and link. Please spread the word and link us.

We are a Master List of Anonymous Kink Memes